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Google's Android Software Debuts in Barcelona


Usa_2Google's Android software for phones debuted this week in Barcelona, with several chipmakers demonstrating how the software would look on prototypes at Mobile World Congress, the telecom industry's largest annual gathering.
Google launched Android last year, hoping to establish its software as the dominant operating system for mobile phones and to improve the quality of web-browsing for handset users.

Thank You Ralph.

Hypersonic Jet.


Usa_2 British engineers unveiled plans for a hypersonic jet which could fly from Europe to Australia in 4 hours and 40 minutes.
The A2 aircraft would carry 300 passengers at five times the speed of sound (4,000 mph).
469 feet long (twice bigger than a curent jet)
Liquid hydrogen engine.
No windows.
Flight from Brussels through the North Pole and across the Pacific Ocean to Australia.
Time 4:40
Price of a ticket: $6,900
Too bad this project will be completed in 25 years. If it is technically possible Boeing and Airbus should get together and make it happened.

France_2 Des ingénieurs Anglais ont présenté leur projet d’avion hypersonique qui pourrait voler entre l’Europe et l’Australie en 4 heures 40 minutes.
L’A2 emmènera 300 passagers à 5 fois la vitesse du son ( Mac 5 : environ 6200 km/h).
143 mètres de long (deux fois plus grand que les avions d’aujourd’hui)
Propulsion à hydrogène liquide.
Pas de fenêtre.
Le vol partira de Brussel pour atteindre sa vitesse maximale au dessus du Pôle Nord et traverser le Pacifique en direction de l’Australie.
Durée du Vol : 4:40
Prix du billet : 4 700 €
Dommage que le projet est pour dans 25 ans. SI techniquement c’est possible, Boein et Airbus devraient travailler ensemble pour faire qu’il aboutisse…. On peut toujours rêver non ?

Atlantis Lift Off!


Usa_2Space shuttle Atlantis roars off the launch pad out of a cloud of smoke and steam headed for orbit.
Altantis will dock on the ISS on Saturday.

France_2 La navette spatiale Atlantis a grondé en prenant le large du pas de tir dans un nuage de fumée et de vapeur pour attendre son orbite autour de la terre.
Atlantis s’attachera à L’ISS samedi.


Rhett & Link: America Idol Theme Song (Lyrics: Alexis Cohen).

by Rhett & Link

Lyrics: Alexis Cohen.
I'll make it one day. One day. Somehow, some way.
And I hope that someone sees that I have some talent somewhere.
Whether it be in acting or singing.
Or whether it be the fact that I have the chutzpah, and the ?,
To be able to get up and talk.
To be able to say what thinking. To be able to say what I mean.
To be able to speak the heart. To be able To be able to lead.
I will be victorious. Always be victorious. All rising!

Download the FREE mp3. (Right-click and save to your computer):
American Idol 7 Theme Song

Thank you Linda.

Microsoft Offers to Buy Yahoo for $44.6 Billion.


Usa_2CNBC: Microsoft said Friday it made an unsolicited offer to buy Internet media giant Yahoo for $44.6 billion in stock and cash.
Read the Article on CNBC.

France_2CNBC : Microsoft a annoncé aujourd’hui avoir fait une offre d’achat du géant Yahoo pour 44,6 milliard de dollar en actions et cash soit 30 milliard d’euro.
L’action s’est envolée de 9 dollars à 30 dollars.

Lire l’article sur CNBC.