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Road Trip Notice

I finally finish every thing at the office before leaving. I am leaving for the United States to accompany Ralph Brancaccio to deliver the Y sculpture to Boston. I will probably have some downtime to write here. My twitter, Facebook or Flickr accounts will be certainly active.


We will start from Baltimore. The first Y sculpture (Y Discriminate) was stoled from the storage place. It was an original piece install in New York City in 1998. A new one is being built. It will not be finish when we will arrive. The second Y Sculpture (Y AIDS) is in New Jersey. We will bring both of them in Boston on Monday May 5th for completion and restoration.
We will visit our families and friends on the way to Boston and finish the trip for some fun in New York City.
Here is the itinerary : Baltimore, Md - Philadelphia, Pa - New Hope, NJ - Hartford, Ct - Boston, Ms - New York City, NY.

Do you have any suggestion for the trip? for Boston or New York City?