Y Project : Volée ? Disparue ? Comment perdre une sculpture de 250 kg ?
Ralph Brancaccio’s “Y” Project

Y Project: Stolen? Missing? How do you lose a 500 pound statue?

Usa_2Artist Ralph Brancaccio’s “Y Discriminate” sculpture has gone missing from Baltimore. This sculpture was to be moved this week to Massachusetts for restoration. It was then scheduled to be unveiled at Cambridge’s River Festival on June 14th with “Y Care”, “Y Think” and “Y AIDS”. The artist received a grant from the Cambridge Arts Council.

The perplexed artist, “How does someone walk away with a 500 pound pink steel sculpture and nobody notice?”

Was it stolen? Sold for scrap? Or a prank gone bad?

Unfortunately, he now has to come up with an extra $4,000 to replace it.

This sculpture debuted the “Y Project” in New York City in 1998. This is a touring exhibition asking us to reflect on various issues and encourages positive change. It is sponsored by New York Foundation for the Arts.

Help him solve this mystery. If you have any information concerning this missing sculpture please contact me so I can assist this artist. If you have any hypotheses add them to my comments