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Phoenix Lands on Mars!

Phoenix has arrived at the Red Planet. 
After a journey of almost 10-months and more than 400 million miles,  Phoeniw is going to begin its search of water and possible conditions for life on Mars.  

Phoenix est arrivé sur la Planète Rouge.
Après un voyage de presque 10 mois et plus de 640 million de kilomètres, Phoeniw va commencer ses recherches pour trouver de l'eau et de possibles conditions de vie sur Mars. 

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Phoenix Mars Lander : Final Trajectory

August 4th, 2007 The Delta II Lauched the Mars Phoenix spacecraft. Remember my different post (and here).

Tonight NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander  will reach Mars with no further adjustments to its flight path. Mission controllers decided early today not to use the last possible time for a trajectory correction maneuver, eight hours before landing.

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