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First Impressions: Sony HDR-TG1.

“The World’s Smallest and lightest High Definition Camcorder”. 


I bought the Sony HDR-TG1 (TG3 in Europe). My first impression being that it is not just small; it is pretty, sleek and easy to use. Its body made with pure Titanium and Premium Hard Coating, makes it resistant to scratches and fingerprints. The HDR-TG1 is relatively clutter-free with just one record button and a zoom ring. Most of the menu options are conveniently found on the 2.7 inch LCD touch screen.

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iPhone: Lazy Pixels (End).

I got my iPhone back. Apple sent me a brand new iPhone (first generation). I’m very happy. The new phone arrived in the same kind of white box they sent me earlier this week. It took three days in total and not 7 days as I was told by the first person I spoke with over the phone.

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New facebook.

A new look for facebook.
facebook has redesigned its site with a new interface and new features. You can try it by following this address :
I like it much better. It is simpler and cleaner than the facebook we are use too. The new menu makes it easier to navigate and it seems more user friendly. It still allows us to keep control over our own profile.
Facebook profil

The Publisher located on the Wall Tab allows you to publish content like satus, photos, videos and items from applications directly on your profile.
You can use the Wall Filters to move between "Post by Others" and Post by You".
A tab of your favorite applications can be added to the menu.
I'm not sure yet, if I like the "blow up" picture.

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iPhone: Lazy Pixels (Part 2).

I am now back home and today I started the process to have my iPhone fixed.  I called Orange, the phone company that has the exclusive deal with Apple for the iPhone. The first person transferred me to an other person, who put me on hold, and then transfer me to the Apple Tech Support team in Ireland. All three individuals were very pleasant and they tried their best... hummm, well not really, at least two of them tried their best.

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iPhone : Pixels Éteints (Suite).

Je suis rentré et aujourd’hui j’ai mis en route la procédure pour la réparation de mon iPhone. J’ai appelé Orange et s’ils ont l’exclusivité pour la vente de l’iPhone, ils n’ont pas, par contre l’exclusivité du service après-vente. En agence, ils ne s’en occupent pas et par téléphone ils me renvoient chez Apple. J’ai parlé à trois personnes différentes toutes très aimable, mais qui n’ont malheureusement pas répondu à mon attente.

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iPhone : Pixels Éteints.

Je suis en voyage et j’ai besoin de mon téléphone (iPhone) et de mon ordinateur (MacBook Air). Il y a quelques jours en me réveillant, j’ai allumé mon iPhone. OUI, je l’éteins quand je dors surtout à cause du décalage horaire avec la France (Je suis aux States). Une surprise m’attendait sur l’écran de l’iPhone. Une petite surprise qui a pris une forme bizarre, très bizarre qui ne cesse d’évoluer.

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iPhone: Lazy Pixels.

I am on a trip and I depend on my electronic tools to keep in touch with my office.  I woke up the other morning and turn my iPhone on. Yeah, I turn it off when I sleep; especially when I’m on vacations. A disappointing surprise was waiting for me on the screen. The small almost minuet surprise has grown into a strange, actually very strange “figure”.

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