emerica Skets

Emerica Sneakers

Before leaving for New York City, I found on emerciaskate.com, two pairs of sneakers I liked. 

I wrote down the addresses of the different stores in NYC. 
On Monday, I went to the first store on the list, which was not far from my apartment. But they did not carry emerica’s sneakers. 
In the afternoon I went to BLADES: a store specialized in skateboards, snowboards and roller skates. They only had two pairs of Emerica’s sneakers…. not the one I wanted. 

The two models I wanted to find were: PARKER and HSU, colors: Grey, bleu or black. I thought that between two models and three colors it would be a large enough selection to have a good chance to find one pair I liked. 

In the afternoon, I continued my search at PARAGON; I had never seen such a big line at to checkout. It snaked around the whole first floor. When you entered the store, and saw the line of glazed faces waiting, the only thing you wished for was to not find what you came for. I had trouble finding the skateboard department, everybody kept sending me to the ice skating department. Then I found out store does not carry emerica sneakers. They told me to go check at BLADES… where I was earlier. 
This was my last hope in finding these sneakers in NYC. 
I decided to spend the rest of my afternoon at the cinema to see a movie: Slumdog Millionaire. Excellent movie. I highly recommend seeing it.
After the movie, I went home. I decided look on the Internet for stores in Connecticut, where I was going the next day. Unfortunately, I only found the same stores listed that I visited in NYC. My next move was to find an outlet online. After a couple of clicks, I found the two models at zappos.com. I selected both and placed my order. 
Now, will they be delivered before xmas (in two days) as they promised online? 

On the 24, right on time, the UPS truck pulled up in front of the house. 
UPS_01  UPS_03
Yes, the package arrived! Santa kept his promises. Zappos sent a box with the two sneakers boxes in it. 
Zappos_Box1 Zappos_Box2  Emerica
Excellent service, reasonably priced and no delivery charge. Thank You Santa. Thank you Zappos.

Tell me what you got from Santa?