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December 2008

Emerica Sneakers

Before leaving for New York City, I found on, two pairs of sneakers I liked. 

I wrote down the addresses of the different stores in NYC. 
On Monday, I went to the first store on the list, which was not far from my apartment. But they did not carry emerica’s sneakers. 

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emerica Skets

Avant de partir pour New York j’avais trouvé sur le site des baskets qui me plaisent. 

J’ai relevé les différentes adresses des magasins qui les vendent à New York. 
Lundi je suis allé dans le 1er de la liste qui n’était pas loin de l’appartement. Ils avaient beaucoup de skets mais aucun modèle de la marque emerica. 

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Biggest and Brightest Full Moon.

Tonight is a lucky night because the moon is closer to us and today is also the full moon. 

The moon is less than 357,000 kilometers – or 222,000 miles – away. 
The night sky is set to be illuminated by the biggest and brightest full moon for the past 15 years (last time was in March ’93) After today, the moon won’t come this close to Earth for another 8 years (November 14, 2008). 

Does the full moon affect you?