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January 2009

Business Goal for 2009

Since three month now, my staff is pushing out questions about what the future will be for the company. My company today, created in 1986, would not be considered as a startup by definition. But, because I believe in impermanence, I feel that every day is starting like day one. Every day,we need to be creative and inventive to progress and grow. Every day, we need to muster new energy to reach the goals ask by our customers. Therefore, I feel that I am still running a startup company. 

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Review: Simplify Media.

Listen to your iTunes library over the Internet. 

My friend PJ asks me if I knew an application that would allow him to listen to the iTunes music library of a friend over the Internet. He mentioned Simplify Media
I tested the application yesterday. Simplify Media is an application you install on the computer (Mac or PC) where the shared library is on and on the computer (Mac or PC) you want to listen from.

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Review: Google AdSense.

DO NOT click on your own ads!

When I want to learn something new, I usually start reading about it on the Net. I read and read. Then because of the overwhelming quantity of information, I start to forget what I read in the first place. Then at a point, I decide to buy the ‘new thing” or to try out a 'new something'. That what I did with Google AdSense

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