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Shazam: How does it works?

Shazam With the iPhone, phone or smartphone application Shazam, you can identify music tracks played on radio, TV, CD PLayer, Movies, etc..

Where ever you are, at home, in a store, in a movie theater or in your car hold your iPhone next to the speakers and in 10 secs Shazam identifies the song (Song and Album titles, Artist name), shows the cover and links you to the iTunes store or YouTube to watch the video.

Last night, I was at my friends Pascal and Christian for a wonderful diner. We were 9 around the table when I was ask to show how Shazam works on my iPhone. After being impressed everybody was wondering how it works. I started to explain.......

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Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé Chinese Qing Bronzes Fetch $40 Million.

The two beautiful Qing bronzes head were sold tonight at Christie’s. China’s State Administration of Cultural Heritage last week ask to Christie’s not to sell the heads.

The 1995 United Nations Unidroit Convention limits claims on stolen cultural artifacts to within 50 years of their theft. China seems to not want to respect that. 

I download two videos about the sale on Youtube and got a lot of comments from chinese. 

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10 Applications I use on my iPhone.

In November’07, I got my first iPhone. 

Last September I bought the black iPhone 3G (16GB) for two reasons: 

  1. More memory for my music and pictures. 
  2. A faster Internet connection. 
Now Apple proposes 15,000 Apps and counting. With thousands of Apps to choose from, I am reviewing the 10 Apps that I use the most.

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