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Sony HDR-TG1 and Gravity.

I accidently dropped my Sony camcorder onto a hard floor. 

My Sony HDR-TG1 fell three feet from my hands, hitting the concrete garage floor. DAMN IT!  Results, a broken control/function buttons - now dead - as you can see in these pictures.
Fortunately, the LCD screen and everything else inside the camcorder seems to be fine. Unfortunately this accidental damage is not covered by the Sony warranty. 

Damage Hdr-Tg1

Today I went to the store where I bought it. They are going to send it to Sony to price the reparation. Depending on the price, I will have to decide if I want to have it fixed or not. 

No more movie making for at least one month. It can take up to two month to repair, if Sony considers that the drop should not have damage the cam and cover it under the warranty.
I doubt that they will repair it for free; considering it as a design flaw. But, I was quite surprised that an accidental drop could damaged the only plastic part of the camcorder. If the whole HDR-TG1 was built in sturdy titanium, the control/function buttons would not have been so fragile and  survived a simple shock. 

Don’t you feel that Sony should just replace it with its new HDR-TG5? hahaha