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Firmware Corrupt Ready 2 Download.

Last week, I got my new iMac 24’. The setup was very easy. I transferred my User Account and the Applications from my old iMac using Apple 'Migration Assistant’. No headaches.

Yesterday, my Hp Color LaserJet CP1515n printer did not print correctly. I could not print envelopes. The page setup was correct but the result was wrong. I decided to reinstall the driver and update of the printer’s Firmware. While updating, the printer blocked and when I restart it, the result was: "Firmware Corrupt, Ready 2 Download".
I could not figure out what to do. I went from a bad functioning printer to a dead one! Excellent job Patrice!


Printer Error


I went online with an HP Agent. They have this cool service where you can chat with a technician to resolve your problems. First, I was told that because I’m on a Mac they don’t help online and I need to send an email. I told the person that It is a printer problem not a Mac problem and anyway I could start windows on my Mac.
Unfortunately he had already ended the chat session.
I restarted a new session on Windows. After a long conversation and a lot of delay between questions and answers the technician told me to uninstall the printer and reinstall it. I follow his recommendation and end up not being able to reinstall it because the computer was not recognizing the printer during the installation.
And of course that technician ended that chat session. Frustration!
I understood that if I could reinstall the printer manually then I would be able to sent a new Firmware to the printer. I looked for an hour for the installation CDROM. I kept the stupid box of the printer in the basement without the F... CDROM. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
I had to go back and connect with the HP Chat session. I decided this time to take the printer and plug it to a PC and not speak about a Mac to the tech. I did not want to be cut short during the conversation.
The new chat started like the other one. Same questions same answers. After 45 minutes and a long very long conversation and hold (apparently due to a HP server problem), I got bored.
While I was trying the different things the tech was telling me to do, I was still looking for a way to install the printer without running an installation application.
If the tech was not really helpful, Ashish inspired me to find a solution:
1- Using the windows “Add a Printer”, I selected the driver “Color LaserJet” with the printer turn off.
2- With the printer still turn OFF, I run the installation of the Firmware Update by clicking twice on the downloaded file. Then, the application asked what printer I wanted to update. I selected the “Color LaserJet” I had installed earlier.
The PC sent to the printer the “update” file exactly like it would send a document to be printed. If you click on the icon of the printer you will see the file, as you would when you want to know if a document was send to the printer to be printed.
3- Turn the printer ON. Be sure it shows the message: "Firmware Corrupt, Ready 2 Download". You may need to turn it ON and OFF until it shows it.
Then, the PC Driver will automatically send the updated Firmware to the printer.
4- To complete the process you will need to reinstall the printer with the driver of your printer.
This works with any HP printer.

Of course If you have this problem and still have the correct driver you can start directly on step 2.

Ashish the Technician was in India. I admire the people that work during the night in their country to help us who are in a different time zone.
Sorry this is long, I hope It will help someone. Feel free to contact me for more information if you don’t understand something.