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First Impressions: GoPro HERO Camera.

Motorsports HERO Wide.

As you all know by now I broke my Sony HDR-TG1 two weeks ago after dropping it onto the concrete garage floor.
During my last visit in New York City, I acquired a new “movie-toy” to film some of my favorite activities as motorbike riding.
Originally released three year ago, the GoPro Hero cameras series was added by the GoPro Motorsport Hero WIDE.

It has a wide angle lens, sound recording and a setting to take photo every 2 seconds.

Between the different GoPro models, I choose the wide angle camera, because my Sony HDR-TG1 does not get that feature. I also wanted to reduce the risk of breaking the Sony camcorder during an action shooting.
Awwwwww! I guess, I was right not trying to use it on my Ducati since I dropped it trying to film the installation of the GoPro on the motorbike.

Wearable and Mountable:

The different parts made it possible to wear it or mount it.




The package includes a quick release buckle, a vertical surface quick release buckle, two flat and two curved surface mounts with very strong 3M adhesive pads and the side-mount pivot arm with a really powerful suction cup.

So fare I only used the side-mound pivot which I found easy to use to get different view angle without using one of the surface mount that need to be glue.

GoPro Wide Specifications.

GoPro sd
  • Resolution:  5 megapixel
  • Optic: 170° glass lens and automatic exposure.
  • Video:  .AVI file. 512 x 384 video with mono sound with with adjustable recording/input level.
  • Stills:  .JPG file 2592x1944 photo every 2 or 5 secs, 3X photo-burst sequence.
  • Self timer and upside down Photo/Video flip.
  • Memory:  16MB internal, expandable with SD card up to 2 GB (not include).
  • Power:  2 AAA batteries (high output rechargeable or lithium units recommended).
  • Interface:  USB cable and RCA plugs, MS ME/2000/XP/Vista and MAC OS X 10.2 and later operating systems are supported.
I highly recommend to get rechargeable batteries. The non rechargeable batteries are expensive and don't last very long.
GP Charger

Since I bought my GP Batteries Charger It really extend the autonomy of the camera.


I bought it in NYC @ ADORAMA for $135,99 which was $63 cheaper than on and $32 less than on I was lucky to find it at that price.


Easy to mount and to use, waterproof, I can now film my motorbike rides using different angle. My only regret is for the image quality.


I do not want to be to long with more technical stuff.

I will write other post about the GoPro Camera. The next one will be about how I mount it on my bike.


You can go on my YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo


Let me know what you think about it.