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Summer Plans: 2009

With my birthday on june 6th, my summer always begins. As I said last year, this day always makes me feel that something new and exiting is starting.
It’s the right time to announce some of my summer plans (subject of course to change): 
First, I’m planning a work trip to China. I’m meeting with a French civil-engineer who has his office in Shanghai. Jeff and I have been working together since November 2007. We are going to discuss the future and see if we can improve and extend our collaboration. I’m leaving on June 23rd and I’ll be back in Paris on June 30th. 
My friend, Ralph Brancaccio is going to be in Shanghai to finalize and produce a catalog of his manhole cover prints. Ralph recently moved his “Y Project” to Provincetown in May and he is preparing a show in Shanghai for September 2009. 

Another focus this summer will most likely be balancing my work and my vacations. I’ve been organizing the summer vacation planning of the office, which has presented difficulties. Five weeks of vacation for each employee every year is quite a challenge for a small business. 
I work with a great team of six and everybody needs a rest after a hard year full of challenges. Some time off will be very welcomed. From May to the end of september the team will never be complete since someone will be enjoying life according to their desire. 

For me, July will be spent mostly at the office except for one trip to visit my parents in the south of France. July is usually a busy month preparing for the slow down of august and the beginning of september. 
Yeah, in france everything stops working in august. 

August will start with a week in Gozo and then to america. Lot of fun on horizon. Hopefully some rest at the beach. Not much work though, expect, every morning I will set aside one or two hours. Internet allows me to stay in touch with my office and deal with urgent matters. That is the downfall of being the big boss but I can handle it. 

In the end, summer for me is time to relax, without pressure and stress. It is time to enjoy simple things like the wind on my skin and the sun caressing my face or the waves singing for my ears. 

I’ll be spending more time with my friends, just enjoying their company, which I haven’t been able to do recently. 

Of course, I will continue to blog here, (I know things have been slow, but lots of great post coming soon!).