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Twitter vs Facebook.

Often some friends ask me ‘What is Twitter?’ I always try to explain what it is, but after a minute, my friend’s face makes me feel that I am not making sens.

I conclude the conversation by telling them that Twitter is a little like the Facebook’s status. You can update your Twitter account when you want to share something with your friends. The difference is that on Twitter you call your friends: followers.

Then some of my friend asks ‘What is Facebook?’. At that moment I want to stop to being friends with them or wonder if they really are friends with me. What’s the point? .....

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Getting My Feet Wet With Amazon S3.

Logo_aws For a while now, I have been reading about Amazon S3 services.

Amazon S3 is an online storage service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It provides unlimited inexpensive storage via the web.

The first time I heard about it, was by reading Paul Stamatiou’s blog: How I Use Amazon S3.

I own and use a MacBook Air (MBA), first generation. Unfortunately the MBA does not have a lot of storage capacity.

The hard drive which is the same size used in an iPod - 1.8-inch 4200RPM disk- is not rapid. I also do not trust it because I’m concern that the OS is soliciting it too much to function.

Only advice: Backup! ........

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Eating Dog in Shanghai.

I came back this week from a working trip in Shanghai. This was my second time in China. It is always a challenge to travel there since I don’t speak a word of chinese and it is rare to find someone who speaks understandable english. Or, I should say, an english that I can understand. I completed the work tasks I had planned to accomplish before my departure. The outcome was not always exactly what I expected... 

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