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Ducati Hypermotard: Open Dry Clutch.

Those of you who have been following me online these past few years might know that I own a Ducati Hypermotard 1100S.
I love riding my "Hyper". It is fun to ride, fast very comfortable.
Its light weight makes it easy to ride in city traffic. I do not find anything I dislike like about the bike in its performance or design.
The "hyper" has a dry-clutch multiplate with hydraulic control.

Dry Clutch:

Last Spring it had to be replaced. Since it was replaced, the new clutch made an unusual noise. Apparently dust accumulates in the closed cover and it causes the plates to “squeak”.


Old Original Clutch Cover 

This week I decide to change the closed cover of the clutch and replace it with an open basket cover. I also changed the pressure plate from the original metal to a red aluminum one that matches the color of the bike.
I choose an aluminum and carbon clutch cover, which is half open.


Open Front Side

Back_Side Clutch

Carbon Side 

Since driving in city traffic solicits the clutch a lot, I think the open clutch will assist it in cooling faster. It will also prevent dust to accumulate in the cover.

Front Sprocket:

I also decided to change the front sprocket from 15 teeth to 14 teeth. The original sprocket ratio was 2.8 (the Rear sprocket has 42 teeth).
By dropping one tooth in front, I will get more bottom end power. The new ratio is now 3 (42/14), giving me more torque.
I am now loosing some top end power, which I do not mind since I drive mostly in city traffic.


I will keep you posted if this replacement resolves my little problem. So far I love the new design. I hope the bad winter weather will not do the contrary of what I expect.

Open dry clutch or covered dry clutch? I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

More photos on Flickr and a video on YouTube