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November 2009

Paris Apple Store Opening

It seems that all “Parisiens” woke up early this morning to join a line to get into the first Apple Store opened in France.
I could feel the growing excitement of the huge crowd which started in front of the new store and continue to the street and into the Louvre Garden.
I heard that the first Apple customer arrived at 4:00 this morning.

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How to link an external content to your facebook profile?

There is different ways to link External content to your facebook profile. By entering the link (URL) into the “What’s on your mind bar” in your news feed or profile page in the sidebar. You can also enter the URL from an external site into the box on the right sidebar, and click "Post".
To do this first copy the URL from your browser and paste it into the correct bar. There is a different way to automatically do it without copying the URL and switching to your facebook page. You can bookmark “Share on Facebook” directly into your favorite browser.

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