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Paris Apple Store Opening

It seems that all “Parisiens” woke up early this morning to join a line to get into the first Apple Store opened in France.
I could feel the growing excitement of the huge crowd which started in front of the new store and continue to the street and into the Louvre Garden.
I heard that the first Apple customer arrived at 4:00 this morning.

Apple Store Paris
 Fifteen minutes before the doors open, another line formed with all the employes of the store. Wearing a red teeshirt, they ran outside to meet they future customers, cheering, whistling and screaming “Paris, Paris, Paris” augmenting the enthusiasm.
I waited until 10:00 to watch the first customers entering the store.

From the window I saw one of the customers running into the store holding the gift he was given when he entered. He ran to the first stool and sat down, shaking with charged emotion. He took a big breath while sitting in front of an iMac trying to open his bag to put his present in. He was shaking so much that he could not open the zipper.
He then looked outside and saw the crowd observing him. It seemed at that moment, he felt alone and wondered: and now what should I do?
I looked at his face and saw that his was getting emotional. He got up, turn his face in my direction and I could see his eyes filling with tears.
He must have realized that he already have two Apple Computers at home with a fast internet connection and that he did not have to buy anything today.

I am disappointed that the first French Apple Store, in Paris in a mall Store. Apple could have done it better and have created a more special event.
Maybe it is because Apple failed, years ago, to open the first European Apple Store in Paris on the rue Scribe (where Nespresso open a store last year).
London was the first city to get an Apple Store (235 Regent Street) in Europe.

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