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My primary business goal for 2009 was “Survival”.
2009 was a year of challenges. The first few months were problematic because starting in October 2008 orders dropped. This loss continued until March. Then we started to see the signal turning from red to orange and then finally green.
The second part of the year was challenging because when the orders started to come back in, I had to reorganized (YET AGAIN) my staff.

I had to hire two new employees: One new guy to be able to fill in the void of the summer vacationers and an other one to replace one of my guys who decided to leave the company. Believe me, here in France it is not easy to hire, partly because there are not many candidates for the job I do and those interviewed do not bring the best skill-set to the table.
To keep it short and not bore you, I did not succeed immediately, but it seems that at the end of 2009 I got the staff needed and readied them for 2010, even if I wish I could find one more person to join the team.

Office PL

My Primary Goal for 2010: Raising the Business Profit.

The end of 2009 turned out to be profitable. A lot of orders came in, and they were executed in a timely fashion. I found new customers and my dedicated staff worked diligently to accomplish our goals.
In 2009, despite of the financial crises, I did not stop investing in new technology.

After the limited spending freeze of the first two quarters, I started to plan some heavier new investments:
1- Changing the old HP server and system by replacing it with a new Mac OS X Server v10.6 Snow Leopard and a “LaCie 5big Network Raid”. (I will write a review of these products and my experience in January).
2- Embracing online-storage with successfully using Amazon S3 and JungleDisk.
Check my article: Getting My Feet Wet With Amazon S3.
3- Replacing 3 HP PCs to be able to support the AutoCAD 2010 upgrade.

This required reorganization puts us in an excellent position and to be ready for the beginning of 2010‘s demands of our customers. 

We are Ready:

Ready for 2010. We worked hard in December to finish the reorganization right up until the 31st of December.

I was on-deck with half of my staff (the other half was on vacation) to close the year and prepare everything for monday. 

One More Goal: De-Cluttering and Simplifying.

On my way back from my parents after christmas, I got a phone call at the airport from the police reporting that my office was broken into. They told me that no damages seems to have been done except for the glass entrance door, which was broken...since was 7:00PM when I got this message.
I rushed back to Paris as fast as I could. Well, I was not the pilot of the plane so I was not able to get to the office until 11:00PM to secure and close it.
This new experience encouraged me rethink my notion of security and possessions.The office has a top-notch security system that does not need to be updated or improved. Therefore, it is my goal to continue to reduce the clutter of physical, electronic and digital paraphernalia.

Productivity and Efficiency will be the next step for 2010.

And You, what are on your plate for 2010?