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iPhone OS 4: Sneak Peek into the Future.

Apple iPad Has Arrived.

FacebookThe Apple iPad is officially for sale in America. France has to wait until the end of April (no official date or pre-order date has been announced).
Yesterday Apple aficionados lined up in front of every US Apple Store to get the new “promised” and anticipated “tech-tool”. People started lining-up at midnight -the scenes in my opinion was a little ridiculous since you could buy one later in the day without the wait in most stores.

As the soon as the first iPads were sold, reviews, tweets, facebook status or comments and text message about the new “tech-tool” started to popup on the web.

J's iPad

J. was my first friend getting an iPad.

I took the decision to wait a short while to get one for two reasons:
First: I am not sure about getting a 32GB or a 64GB ( I have a 32GB iPhone which is nearly full with music and video).
Second: 3G pad or not? If I get an iPad, it would be to avoid taking my laptop (MBA) everywhere anymore. The 3G feature will be absolutely necessary when I travel over seas, if the American phone companies start to sell to go data plans as they do here in France.

My guts tells me to get the 64GB with 3G but my reasoning push me to go with the 32GB with wifi only.

The first impressions that i have read over the web seem extremely positive. But you need to remember that yesterdays buyers are not objective and impartial. As #1 fans they are not the best ones to come up with fare criticism about Apple produces.


First Impressions.

The iPad is a beautiful device. One of my friend went in bed last night with His. How was your night J.?
The email app is awesome.
The battery life is as good as Apple claimed.
Web surfing and searching is fast.
Reading books is more fun than on a kindle (Amazon released the kindle app for iPad and other macs in march).


The iPad is for you if you are a:

  • Social-networker.
  • Emailer.
  • Web surfer.
  • Note taker.
  • Music listener.
  • Video Watcher.
  • Game player.
  • Book reader.
  • Photo consumer.

Think twice before replacing your laptop if you are a:

  • Big spreadsheet creator and user.
  • Writer of long documents.
  • User of a elaborated systems for organizing email.
  • Video chatter.

The iPad can be a winner by changing completely our portable computer use. I want to say that portable computing will be BC/AD iPad.


The iPad at first glance seems to be able to replace a laptop for most data communication, but it depend on how you use your laptop. Is Apple taking us closer to Cloud Computing?

We can predict that the next generation will have the missing features such as a webcam, USB ports and multitasking.

Can you print with an iPad?

I hope so! it is possible that the iPad itself may include some sort of printing service, although I did not find any information about such a feature.


This is an open review. Share your experience with us. Did you get iPad on April 3rd? or are you waiting?

Tell us the reason behind your choice.

Are you satisfy? or have any regrets?