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The Secret of Happiness.

Happy Sky Writing a blog to share some of my experiences and knowledge is not always easy. I challenge myself by choosing to writing in English (my mother language is French). Since two and half years, I have learned a lot and have progressed a lot in my writing (I hope). Thanks to Ralph.

Writing for me in general is a challenge and then added my self imposed rule of doing it in English makes it harder for me than finding an actual subject to write about.
My curiosity and my constant desire for learning gives me many reasons to share. The number of friends who pose daily questions also aides me in finding subjects to write about on this blog.

Happy Me
Goals Not Reach.

I’m satisfy with the way this blog is developing, but I’m am a bit disappointed because I did not succeeded in creating enough interaction with my readers. I rarely get comments. Come on guys don’t be so shy!!! Hint. Hint.

Ok, enough of me boring you with my thoughts about this blog. The real point of this post is to share with you something different than usual.

Things can always be better but the important thing is that it just keeps getting better.
Of course I could have things differently, but believing that what’s on my plate is the best-cooked food I’ve ever had, I’ll be completely satisfied. No matter what season, rain or sun, what I’ve got now is truly the best there is.

Simple Beauty

The Secret to Hapiness.

People go on living their lives never fully satisfied and they search their entire lives for the one thing that they think will make them happy.
Then, they end up realizing right before their death that they could have been happy at any moment. They own ego or own thoughts kept them from their happiness.

In a sense we are our own worst enemy, if we let our ego direct our feeling then our ego will prevent us to enjoy what we have.

For example, when we write, read, create, exercise, we are fully wrapped up in the moment, completely aware of everything happening at that moment with no dissatisfaction of the past, future, or present. Even when we do our daily chores: laundry, driving down the highway (especially if you do it, like me, on your favorite motorcycle). An awareness of the current moment and a detachment from the ego creates happiness.

I have felt this and have become aware of the possibility of attaining happiness permanently, since all it consists of is an awareness of the present. I believe we all have felt absolute happiness at least once in our lives, but possibly did not know we felt it or did not know how to make it last.
Creating awareness and consciousness of the present allows us to see the reality for what it is. Then positive or negative selfish emotions become unimportant and don’t turn us away from happy feelings.

The Dalai Lama once said, “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion”

Our authentic happiness is directly related to the happiness of other beings. Be compassionate to others without forgetting to treat yourself with compassion.

Or Treat yourself and others with compassion.

One More Thing.

Tony Hsieh wrote: Delivering Happiness “A Path To Profits, Passion, and Purpose".
Tony is the CEO of Zappos.com.

Delivering Happiness is coming out June 7th. I cannot wait to read it. I will write a review.
You can read about my experience with zappos.com: here. They truly deliver happiness.

Two weeks ago Zappos sent me their “2009 Culture Book”. It is great to read about the culture of a successful company directly from employees.
This book is "full of tactical informations about zappos's culture, values, employees and so much more".
As an entrepreneur I know how difficult it is to keep happiness in business life.