Apple iPad Has Arrived.
The Secret of Happiness.

iPhone OS 4: Sneak Peek into the Future.

FacebookThe launch of the iPhone OS 4 for developers was announced by Apple last week (Summer 2010 for the iPhone users).
iPhone OS 4 counts 100 new features that we were all expected since iPhone OS 1.


I now understand that Apple needed time to search and develop the best way to add new abilities to the iPhone. For examples the chip speed and the battery life needed to be improved in order to support multitasking. Apple’s engineers were successful and found the way to preserve battery life with these features added:

  • Home Screen.
  • Multitasking.
  • App Folders for sorting applications.
  • Enhanced Mail (merged inbox+multiple exchange accounts+threaded messages).
  • Digital zoom for the camera.
  • iBook.
  • Playlist.
  • Search field for messages.
  • Showing multiple calendar.
  • Game Center.
  • iAd..

etc etc......

iLounge has posted the list of changes in iPhone OS 4. I recommend reading the iLounge post: New in iPhone OS 4 The Full App-by-App Breakdown which is very informative.

Personal Commentary.

Scott Forstall explained that you do not need to close applications when multitasking “the user just uses things and doesn’t ever have to worry about it”.

Apple removed the Google search button in Safari and replaced it with the word “Search” (as they did for the iPad).


iPhone 3 on left, iPhone 4iPhone on left (Photo


Is Apple going to give us the ability to choose our own favorite search engine? We shall see.



iAd brings money to third-party iPhone apps. Sixty percent of the ads revenues generates reward for the apps developers. Apple, by keeping 40% of the revenue, is certainly trying to increase the company's annual profit.

Apple's revenue was much larger than Google's last year, but Apple's profit was only slightly superior to Google's.



For more detail you can read the excellent post on The money made by Microsoft, Apple and Google, 1985 until today.

Do you think Apple will announce a new iPhone in june or september?