Apple Store Paris Opera: Curtain Pulled Back.
Road Runners


Reception Mediocre people think that because they do a mediocre job, that everyone else does too.
On Friday, Steve Jobs was forced to take the stage and speak about what he rightly called “the Antennagate”.

During the iPhone 4 press conference Steve explained that Apple rigorously tests new products before putting them on the market.

To defend the product further, a tour was organized to show journalist the facility that Apple built to test the iPhone 4.



Steve Jobs: "You have to build these rooms or you don't get accurate results. This is a state of the art facility. We've invested over $100 million on this. We have 17 anechoic chambers."

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Then some of the luckily selected journalist complained after the visit that they could not take any picture or that Apple was still testing in one of the chamber an iPad (what they find suspicious).
I wonder how many journalists were able to visit such facilities in another phone company?

Seriously, who was thinking that Apple would put on the market a new device without testing it?
Who is stupid enough to doubt that Apple does not devotes resources and man hours towards product development?
Mediocre people. The ones that never control what they do. The ones that usually do a mediocre job.

iPhone 4 Presentation

You could tell during the iPhone 4 presentation on june 7th 2010, that there was some aggravation in Steve Jobs voice. Understandably so.

With my friend, Jared, we felt that he was seemingly annoyed that the surprise was ruined. We were aware of the sadness in his voice, clearly someone who is devoted to developing the best products for his customers.

This time someone also decided to prevent him from surprising Apple users. They took that away from him. It made me sad. I think Jared was sad too.

Press Conference

Last friday, during Steve Jobs’ speech, there was a bigger aggravation in his voice. I could tell that he was seemingly annoyed that he had to take the stage to address this problem.

He had to come out and prove that Apple was certainly not sweeping the antenna issue under the rug and showing the press that he was not burying Apple’s head in the sand and not looking for a solution if the problem was a real issue, which it is not.


My Thoughts

Mediocre people think that Apple is only looking for new ways to screw customers. They think, that Apple brainwash users to make them buy second rate products. I think that belongs more to those that are stuck in the PC arena.
Steve Jobs and Apple are clearly devoted to making the best products they can. They go the extra yard to create new devices, which “change the world”. For me they have certainly succeed.

Apple is not perfect, Apple users are not perfect. But what is important, is to try to be humanly perfect. Working to change the world in a better way by making the best products is what we should all do every day.
Why would a successful company, not want to make all of their users happy?

You can call me a “Fanboy” but if you don’t like Apple’s products, you don’t buy them.

Apple as well as other companies are aware that, if you don’t make a great product, people won’t buy it.