Road Runners
Souvenir L.A.


L.A. My California trip ended up in Los Angeles.

I was happy to reconnect with two friends who live too far from me. The joy of seeing Rhea and Andrew again made my trip beautiful. The time I spent with them was rich, fun and full of happiness.

Rhea gave me the energy to do my first video podcast about Tony Hsieh's book : Delivering Happiness. I had fun doing it (even if I did not get a lot of viewers).

Andrew welcomed me in his beautiful home and took me to a party when I first arrived.

Reah and Andrew showed me L.A. We drove almost everywhere possible in the city, while I was filming this video that I want to share with you here.

Music : Califonication by The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Film with a Sony HDR-TG1.

Edited with iMovie.

You can watch it on YouTube.
Unfortunately WMG, blocked it on copyright grounds. I replaced the music to California (Stereo 360) using YouTube AudioSwap.