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Safari: Removing Adobe Acrobat Reader.

SafariAcrobat Last week, we got a new Xerox Workcentre 7435 for the office. This new color multifunction printer was extremely easy to install and connect to our internal network. The new hardware obliges us to change some of our routine and habits, which of course, is not easy for everybody.
With minimal headaches, the office has adapted easily and quickly to the new machine, smile on my face.
I did not know until a Xerox’s technician came yesterday that Acrobat Reader X (ARX) was installed on our Macs...

Adobe Acrobat Reader (ARX):

Today my staff complained that they could not open pdf documents using Safari: ARX overrides Preview.
They want to keep ARX to be able to complete forms on pdf documents (Preview does not have that feature).
Unsuccessfully I searched on Safari and Preview to reset the default pdf app to Preview. Then I opened the ARX preference and in the section “Internet”, the Web Browser Options shows: “Display PDF in browser using /Applications.Adobe” was selected, frustration followed since it could not be unselected. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Thanks Adobe....

After some stewing a bit, I remember that ARX has a plug-in called “AdobePDFViewer”.

Where to Find AdobePDFViewier.plugin:

Go to: Library/Internet Plugs-Ins
I am speaking about the “General Library” not the “User’s Library”. You will find it by clicking on the icon of your Mac’s hard drive (HD), which contains OSX and the application folder.

What to Do:

When you have found it, you have two choices:

1. First quit Safari and ARX then remove “AdobePDFViewer.plugin” by simply selecting and dragging it into the trash.
2. First quit Safari and ARX then create a folder in the existing “Internet Plugs-Ins” folder - title it “Disabled Plug-ins” then drag/drop “AdobePDFViewer.plugin”. Library/Internet Plugs-Ins/Disabled Plugs-Ins/AdobePDFViewer.plugin

After doing that you will see that on the ARX’s preferences the feature “Display PDF in the browser using /Applications.Adobe” is not selected.

ARX_Internet-Pref 2
I prefer the second solution for two reasons:

1- You can easily put that feature on again by dragging it back into the “Internet Plugs-Ins” folder.
2- It may prevent Adobe to reactivate the plug-ins while you update ARX. Adobe Updaters seem to have the habit of resetting it back on.

Mission accomplished.
I hope this insight will help you. Feel free to contact me for more information if something is unclear.