Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé Chinese Qing Bronzes Fetch $40 Million.

The two beautiful Qing bronzes head were sold tonight at Christie’s. China’s State Administration of Cultural Heritage last week ask to Christie’s not to sell the heads.

The 1995 United Nations Unidroit Convention limits claims on stolen cultural artifacts to within 50 years of their theft. China seems to not want to respect that. 

I download two videos about the sale on Youtube and got a lot of comments from chinese. 

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Y Project: The Video

I got the chance to use my new Camcorder (Sony HDR-TG1) to edit my first video. I came to Cambridge, Ma to meet Ralph Brancaccio who put the “Y Project” up with the Cambridge Arts Council.

The sculptures were move yesterday from the river to four different sites in the City. They will stay in Cambridge (Ma) until april 2009. I will do an other video tomorrow at the new locations.

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Ralph Brancaccio’s “Y” Project

Ralph Brancaccio’s “Y” Project will open with four sculptures at the River Festival in Cambridge Massachusetts on June 14th.  The Festival celebrates the Arts, a day filled with Music, Theatre, Dance, Poetry, and Art.  Brancaccio will be administering an art activity for the general public.  Participants of all ages will express their own Y issues. 

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Y Project: Stolen? Missing? How do you lose a 500 pound statue?

Usa_2Artist Ralph Brancaccio’s “Y Discriminate” sculpture has gone missing from Baltimore. This sculpture was to be moved this week to Massachusetts for restoration. It was then scheduled to be unveiled at Cambridge’s River Festival on June 14th with “Y Care”, “Y Think” and “Y AIDS”. The artist received a grant from the Cambridge Arts Council.

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Y Project : Volée ? Disparue ? Comment perdre une sculpture de 250 kg ?

France_2 La sculpture réalisée par Ralph Brancaccio “Y Discriminate” a disparu de Baltimore. Cette sculpture devait être transportée cette semaine dans le Massachusetts pour la restaurer. Elle était prévue pour être installé pour le Cambridge's River Festival le 14 juin 2008 avec trois autres sculptures : «Y Care", "Y Think" et “Y AIDS”. Ralph Brancaccio a reçu une subvention du Conseil des Arts de Cambridge.

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Ralph Brancaccio Cambridge 2008.


Usa_2 Ralph Brancaccio was awarded a grant from the Cambridge Arts Council in Massachusetts. The grant supports the “Y Project”, sponsored by New York Foundation for the Arts. The installation is scheduled for late spring 2008.
Three sculptures will be placed: “Y AIDS”, “Y Discriminate”, and “Y Care”.
Brancaccio is partnering with Cambridge Cares About AIDS. He will also be involved in art education programs with Cambridge Community Art Centers in their Summer Youth Program and Teen Media Program.

France_2 Ralph Brancaccio a reçu une subvention du Conseil des Arts de Cambridge dans le Massachusetts (USA). La subvention soutient le "Projet Y", parrainée par “New York Foundation for the Arts”. L'installation est prévue pour la fin du printemps 2008.
Trois sculptures seront installées à Cambridge: “Y AIDS”, “Y Discriminate”, and “Y Care”.
Brancaccio sera en partenariat avec "Cambridge Cares About AIDS". Il sera également impliqué dans des programmes d'éducation artistique avec "Cambridge Community Art Centers“ pendant leur programme d'été pour les jeunes : "Teen Media Program".

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Hell at the Library.


Usa_2“Nicolas Sarkozy has chosen to turn private events in his life into public events, like Louis XIV: You have the king’s breakfast, the king’s lunch, the king’s bedtime, the king’s mistresses,” said Ségolène Royal in a radio interview on Monday.
France is struggling with a variety of societal issues: the limits of privacy for its public figures, censorship and the definition of good taste.
Speaking about an exhibition entitled "Hell at the Library, Eros in Secret" which takes place in the BNF in Paris, the New York Times comment the sentimental life of the French President.
NYTimes Article.
“Hell at the Library, Eros in Secret” runs through March 22 at the National Library of France, Site François-Mitterrand, Quai François-Mauriac, Paris 13th Arrondissement,

France_2"Nicolas Sarkozy a choisi de faire des évènements de la vie privée des évènements publics, comme Louis XIV : vous avez le petit matin du roi, le déjeuner du roi, le coucher du roi, les maîtresses du roi" a dit Ségolène Royal Lundi matin.
Étrangement la France semble en ce moment découvrir de nouveaux problèmes : les limites entre le public et le privé, la censure et la définition du bon goût (bobo contre bling-bling).
Un article du New York Times en profite en parlant de l’exposition « L’Enfer de la Bibliothèque, Eros au secret » qui se déroule à la BNF à Paris pour relater et commenter les aventures sentimentales du Président.
Article du NYTimes.
>“L’Enfer de la Bibliothèque, Eros au secret” runs through March 22 at the National Library of France, site François-Mitterrand / Grande Galerie, Quai François-Mauriac, Paris 13,
Merci Paul

Brancaccio in Shanghai : Opening Today at Jinmao Tower

The opening of Ralph Brancaccio's show in shanghai at the Jinmao Tower (Pundong).
Brancaccio is showing 26 prints of his Manhole Cover series on the 3rd floor (J.LIFE).
These prints are made in different countries: China, America, Japan, Israel, Finland, Turkey...


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