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My Cloud


Cloud computing lets you use files and applications over the Internet. It is a system that store your files, apps, photos, calendars, contacts, documents and make it accessible everywhere.


  • MobileMe: Contacts, Calendars, Bookmarks, Preferences syncing between iMac, Makbook Air, iPad2 and iPhone 4.
  • iTunes: Purchased music, books sync betweens my devices.
  • Dropbox: Plateform to send heavy files to customers, friends or family.
  • Amazon S3 (Jungle Disk): External Backup.
  • Gmail: Electronic mail.
  • Instagram/picplz: Daily pics.
  • Fickr: Photos.
  • Vimeo: Videos.

What is your cloud strategy?

Safari: Removing Adobe Acrobat Reader.

SafariAcrobat Last week, we got a new Xerox Workcentre 7435 for the office. This new color multifunction printer was extremely easy to install and connect to our internal network. The new hardware obliges us to change some of our routine and habits, which of course, is not easy for everybody.
With minimal headaches, the office has adapted easily and quickly to the new machine, smile on my face.
I did not know until a Xerox’s technician came yesterday that Acrobat Reader X (ARX) was installed on our Macs...

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Apple Apps: In-App Purchases.

Iphone Apps Sunday was a relaxing day. Not a vacation day but a nice rainy summer day.
Since I bought my iPad, I have not taken much time to play games on it. So yesterday, I browsed the section of the iTunes store that feature game apps designed specifically for iPad. I started to look at the free apps thinking that if I liked one I would purchase the full version after trying the free one.

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How to Block Facebook Apps From Posting on your Wall.

Facebook On Sunday, a friend complained about all the annoying Facebook apps posting on his wall.

Farmville, Mobwars, Pillow Fight, I’m sure you can name other ones that you find aggressive, annoying since these notifications take over your wall and your news feed, which might be more important to you.
Some might find these apps amusing but most friends including myself think that these applications get quite annoying and take-up to much space.

They have become an equivalent annoyance as spam is in your email inbox.

There is a solution so you can block these apps from your profile and also from the news feed....

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The Secret of Happiness.

Happy Sky Writing a blog to share some of my experiences and knowledge is not always easy. I challenge myself by choosing to writing in English (my mother language is French). Since two and half years, I have learned a lot and have progressed a lot in my writing (I hope). Thanks to Ralph.

Writing for me in general is a challenge and then added my self imposed rule of doing it in English makes it harder for me than finding an actual subject to write about.
My curiosity and my constant desire for learning gives me many reasons to share. The number of friends who pose daily questions also aides me in finding subjects to write about on this blog.

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How to link an external content to your facebook profile?

There is different ways to link External content to your facebook profile. By entering the link (URL) into the “What’s on your mind bar” in your news feed or profile page in the sidebar. You can also enter the URL from an external site into the box on the right sidebar, and click "Post".
To do this first copy the URL from your browser and paste it into the correct bar. There is a different way to automatically do it without copying the URL and switching to your facebook page. You can bookmark “Share on Facebook” directly into your favorite browser.

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