Apple Apps: In-App Purchases.

Iphone Apps Sunday was a relaxing day. Not a vacation day but a nice rainy summer day.
Since I bought my iPad, I have not taken much time to play games on it. So yesterday, I browsed the section of the iTunes store that feature game apps designed specifically for iPad. I started to look at the free apps thinking that if I liked one I would purchase the full version after trying the free one.

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Reception Mediocre people think that because they do a mediocre job, that everyone else does too.
On Friday, Steve Jobs was forced to take the stage and speak about what he rightly called “the Antennagate”.

During the iPhone 4 press conference Steve explained that Apple rigorously tests new products before putting them on the market.

To defend the product further, a tour was organized to show journalist the facility that Apple built to test the iPhone 4.

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Shazam: How does it works?

Shazam With the iPhone, phone or smartphone application Shazam, you can identify music tracks played on radio, TV, CD PLayer, Movies, etc..

Where ever you are, at home, in a store, in a movie theater or in your car hold your iPhone next to the speakers and in 10 secs Shazam identifies the song (Song and Album titles, Artist name), shows the cover and links you to the iTunes store or YouTube to watch the video.

Last night, I was at my friends Pascal and Christian for a wonderful diner. We were 9 around the table when I was ask to show how Shazam works on my iPhone. After being impressed everybody was wondering how it works. I started to explain.......

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10 Applications I use on my iPhone.

In November’07, I got my first iPhone. 

Last September I bought the black iPhone 3G (16GB) for two reasons: 

  1. More memory for my music and pictures. 
  2. A faster Internet connection. 
Now Apple proposes 15,000 Apps and counting. With thousands of Apps to choose from, I am reviewing the 10 Apps that I use the most.

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Flickr Quick Tip: Uploading Photos from Your iPhone

I use Flickr a lot to upload my pictures. 

I do like that application because I can geotag each photo on a map. I take picture with my iPhone, my Sony HDR-TG1 and my Leica. I upload the pictures from the Sony or the Leica using the Flickr Uploadr Application. To upload photos to Flickr from my iPhone 

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Flickr : Transférer vos photos depuis votre iPhone

J’utilise Flickr, pour mettre en ligne et partager mes photos. 

J'aime cette application parce que je peux localiser chaque photo sur une carte. J’utilise mon iPhone, mon Sony HDR-TG3 et mon Leica pour prendre des photos. Je transfère les photos du Sony ou du Leica à l'aide de l’application Uploadr Flickr depuis mon iMac ou mon MacBook Air. Pour envoyer des photos sur Flickr à partir de mon iPhone, 

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Upgrading a MacBook Air HD.

New York City – Apple Store, West 14th Street.

I arrived yesterday in New York City where I will stay for a week. My first visit of this trip in New York NYC was this morning at the Apple Store on 14th Street. I like that store because it is less crowed then the one on 5th Ave.
I needed to go there to exchange my iPhone’s . (Apple has determined that under certain conditions the new ultracompact Apple USB power adapter's metal prongs can break off and remain in a power outlet, creating a risk of electric shock).

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