Skribit Launches.

Skribit_logo Every author has experienced a dry spell making it difficult to produce new work.
As an active blogger sometimes finding new topics to write about is difficult.
In april 2008, I found a new method to assist with inspiration: Skribit.

At the time Skribit was described as a free, customizable, user-generated content suggestion application for blogs to help bloggers gain reader insight. It enables readers guide bloggers to know what interests them.


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Hypermotard 1100EVO SP

Ducati_logo In August 2007, I had a dream. To make a dream come true, you need luck or someone to encourage it through. I’ve got both. I’m lucky to share my life with someone I love and who loves me to ensure ALL my dreams come true.
In October 2007, I got the chance to start flying with a new motorcycle: a Ducati Hypermotard 1100S and since I have not stop.
Last week big news came out! Ducati released its new 2010 model now called Hypermoard 1100 EVO and EVO SP.

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My primary business goal for 2009 was “Survival”.
2009 was a year of challenges. The first few months were problematic because starting in October 2008 orders dropped. This loss continued until March. Then we started to see the signal turning from red to orange and then finally green.
The second part of the year was challenging because when the orders started to come back in, I had to reorganized (YET AGAIN) my staff.

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Paris Apple Store Opening

It seems that all “Parisiens” woke up early this morning to join a line to get into the first Apple Store opened in France.
I could feel the growing excitement of the huge crowd which started in front of the new store and continue to the street and into the Louvre Garden.
I heard that the first Apple customer arrived at 4:00 this morning.

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How to link an external content to your facebook profile?

There is different ways to link External content to your facebook profile. By entering the link (URL) into the “What’s on your mind bar” in your news feed or profile page in the sidebar. You can also enter the URL from an external site into the box on the right sidebar, and click "Post".
To do this first copy the URL from your browser and paste it into the correct bar. There is a different way to automatically do it without copying the URL and switching to your facebook page. You can bookmark “Share on Facebook” directly into your favorite browser.

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Apple Store Paris : November 7th?

We all know that Apple keeps a tight lid on its store openings and product launches.
Their policy of secrecy creates a buzz, keeps us wondering and it increases the suspense. We are never disappointed. 

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Ducati Hypermotard: Open Dry Clutch.

Those of you who have been following me online these past few years might know that I own a Ducati Hypermotard 1100S.
I love riding my "Hyper". It is fun to ride, fast very comfortable.
Its light weight makes it easy to ride in city traffic. I do not find anything I dislike like about the bike in its performance or design.
The "hyper" has a dry-clutch multiplate with hydraulic control.

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The Attack Against Twitter and Facebook show their Vulnerability

Twitter vs Facebook. One of my last post was trying to explain the similitude and the differences between the two.
On thursday august 6th, the two famous Social Networks were attacked, which left Twitter down for a few hours and it slowed down Facebook. The aggression was described by Biz Stone (Twitter’s cofounder) as “massively coordinated”. (

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How to: Import Video into Final Cut from a Sony HDR-TG1.

I got my Sony HDR-TG1 camcorder back from the repairman. Sony finally fixed it perfectly, and free of charge, but only after giving me such a hard time.
I appreciate the gest but I think we should not have to always fight to get due service.

Importing video into final cut from a Sony HDR-TG1 (TG3) is much easier than what you would think.

I am using Final Cut Express (FCE). The process is the same with Final Cut Pro.

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Twitter vs Facebook.

Often some friends ask me ‘What is Twitter?’ I always try to explain what it is, but after a minute, my friend’s face makes me feel that I am not making sens.

I conclude the conversation by telling them that Twitter is a little like the Facebook’s status. You can update your Twitter account when you want to share something with your friends. The difference is that on Twitter you call your friends: followers.

Then some of my friend asks ‘What is Facebook?’. At that moment I want to stop to being friends with them or wonder if they really are friends with me. What’s the point? .....

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