My Cloud


Cloud computing lets you use files and applications over the Internet. It is a system that store your files, apps, photos, calendars, contacts, documents and make it accessible everywhere.


  • MobileMe: Contacts, Calendars, Bookmarks, Preferences syncing between iMac, Makbook Air, iPad2 and iPhone 4.
  • iTunes: Purchased music, books sync betweens my devices.
  • Dropbox: Plateform to send heavy files to customers, friends or family.
  • Amazon S3 (Jungle Disk): External Backup.
  • Gmail: Electronic mail.
  • Instagram/picplz: Daily pics.
  • Fickr: Photos.
  • Vimeo: Videos.

What is your cloud strategy?

Why the New Macbook Air is not for Me?

Old MBA I am a big fan of the Macbook Air (MBA). I bought mine March 2008 just a few weeks after it was release.
Back then; my original plan was to use it as my main computer, I have to admit that never happened.
The MBA has limitations:
The Internal HD is only 80GB which demands an external HD to store an iPhoto’s and ITune’s library.
One USB port: impossible to sync an iPhone, iPad, camera or camcorder with iTunes or iPhoto without a hub.
It is not fast enough for some applications (Photoshop, Final Cut Express…).
I decided to only use it when I’m on the road; traveling with it is great.
I absolutely love it. It is the best size, weight, and design.

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L.A. My California trip ended up in Los Angeles.

I was happy to reconnect with two friends who live too far from me. The joy of seeing Rhea and Andrew again made my trip beautiful. The time I spent with them was rich, fun and full of happiness.

Rhea gave me the energy to do my first video podcast about Tony Hsieh's book : Delivering Happiness. I had fun doing it (even if I did not get a lot of viewers).

Andrew welcomed me in his beautiful home and took me to a party when I first arrived.

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Reception Mediocre people think that because they do a mediocre job, that everyone else does too.
On Friday, Steve Jobs was forced to take the stage and speak about what he rightly called “the Antennagate”.

During the iPhone 4 press conference Steve explained that Apple rigorously tests new products before putting them on the market.

To defend the product further, a tour was organized to show journalist the facility that Apple built to test the iPhone 4.

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Apple Store Paris Opera: Curtain Pulled Back.

Apple Flag It is Open.
Apple open the doors of its parisian mother ship store in Paris. While Apple fans started to line up around 2:00 AM, the morning rain prevented the crowd to really enjoy the opening.
The magnificent french architecture of the building was preserve by Apple. The new store features a 110 foot wide storefront. The huge metal and glass doors, arched windows and ornate wrought-iron balcony railings have been carefully restored.

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Book: Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

Del Hap Delivering Happiness A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose written by Tony Hsieh.

If you are an entrepreneur or thinking of becoming an entrepreneur this book is for you.
It is a narrative about Tony Hsieh’s experience in fine-tuning a workforce to insure a company’s success.
He explains how his process in turning problems around in order to built a billion dollar company.

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The Secret of Happiness.

Happy Sky Writing a blog to share some of my experiences and knowledge is not always easy. I challenge myself by choosing to writing in English (my mother language is French). Since two and half years, I have learned a lot and have progressed a lot in my writing (I hope). Thanks to Ralph.

Writing for me in general is a challenge and then added my self imposed rule of doing it in English makes it harder for me than finding an actual subject to write about.
My curiosity and my constant desire for learning gives me many reasons to share. The number of friends who pose daily questions also aides me in finding subjects to write about on this blog.

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Skribit Launches.

Skribit_logo Every author has experienced a dry spell making it difficult to produce new work.
As an active blogger sometimes finding new topics to write about is difficult.
In april 2008, I found a new method to assist with inspiration: Skribit.

At the time Skribit was described as a free, customizable, user-generated content suggestion application for blogs to help bloggers gain reader insight. It enables readers guide bloggers to know what interests them.


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My primary business goal for 2009 was “Survival”.
2009 was a year of challenges. The first few months were problematic because starting in October 2008 orders dropped. This loss continued until March. Then we started to see the signal turning from red to orange and then finally green.
The second part of the year was challenging because when the orders started to come back in, I had to reorganized (YET AGAIN) my staff.

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