The Attack Against Twitter and Facebook show their Vulnerability

Twitter vs Facebook. One of my last post was trying to explain the similitude and the differences between the two.
On thursday august 6th, the two famous Social Networks were attacked, which left Twitter down for a few hours and it slowed down Facebook. The aggression was described by Biz Stone (Twitter’s cofounder) as “massively coordinated”. (http://blog.twitter.com).

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Twitter vs Facebook.

Often some friends ask me ‘What is Twitter?’ I always try to explain what it is, but after a minute, my friend’s face makes me feel that I am not making sens.

I conclude the conversation by telling them that Twitter is a little like the Facebook’s status. You can update your Twitter account when you want to share something with your friends. The difference is that on Twitter you call your friends: followers.

Then some of my friend asks ‘What is Facebook?’. At that moment I want to stop to being friends with them or wonder if they really are friends with me. What’s the point? .....

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Business Goal for 2009

Since three month now, my staff is pushing out questions about what the future will be for the company. My company today, created in 1986, would not be considered as a startup by definition. But, because I believe in impermanence, I feel that every day is starting like day one. Every day,we need to be creative and inventive to progress and grow. Every day, we need to muster new energy to reach the goals ask by our customers. Therefore, I feel that I am still running a startup company. 

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Review: Google AdSense.

DO NOT click on your own ads!

When I want to learn something new, I usually start reading about it on the Net. I read and read. Then because of the overwhelming quantity of information, I start to forget what I read in the first place. Then at a point, I decide to buy the ‘new thing” or to try out a 'new something'. That what I did with Google AdSense

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Emerica Sneakers

Before leaving for New York City, I found on emerciaskate.com, two pairs of sneakers I liked. 

I wrote down the addresses of the different stores in NYC. 
On Monday, I went to the first store on the list, which was not far from my apartment. But they did not carry emerica’s sneakers. 

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emerica Skets

Avant de partir pour New York j’avais trouvé sur le site emericaskate.com des baskets qui me plaisent. 

J’ai relevé les différentes adresses des magasins qui les vendent à New York. 
Lundi je suis allé dans le 1er de la liste qui n’était pas loin de l’appartement. Ils avaient beaucoup de skets mais aucun modèle de la marque emerica. 

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End of Summer (Almost).

I’m getting back on tracks as the summer comes to an end.

My summer was quiet exciting and as good as I expected.

June 6th was, for me, the beginning of my summer. My birthday always brings me a lot of joy and happiness. Since I’m a kid at heart,  I secretly feel that this date is very special and the beginning of something new.

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