Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé Chinese Qing Bronzes Fetch $40 Million.

The two beautiful Qing bronzes head were sold tonight at Christie’s. China’s State Administration of Cultural Heritage last week ask to Christie’s not to sell the heads.

The 1995 United Nations Unidroit Convention limits claims on stolen cultural artifacts to within 50 years of their theft. China seems to not want to respect that. 

I download two videos about the sale on Youtube and got a lot of comments from chinese. 

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Sony HDR-TG1 and Mac Compatibility

I bought the new Sony HDR-TG1 two months ago. I have been using it with great pleasure and satisfactions. You can read:  My first impressions.


A lot of people have asked me if I use the HDR-TG1 with my mac. My answer is simply: YES.

The HDR-TG1 records HD video in the AVCHD compressed format. It is a highly compressed format, so one problem is that it produces a ‘“grainy” result when using the camera in low-light.

You need an Intel-based Mac because only a Mac with an Intel processer that use Leopard supports AVCHD.

To transfer and edit the video files, Sony offers with the camcorder a software: Picture Motion Browser Software; however, the sofware does not work with Mac OS X (Only on PC).

Don’t Worry though because Apple provides two great simple and easy applications with Mac OS X: iMovie’08 and iPhoto’08.

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First Impressions: Sony HDR-TG1.

“The World’s Smallest and lightest High Definition Camcorder”. 


I bought the Sony HDR-TG1 (TG3 in Europe). My first impression being that it is not just small; it is pretty, sleek and easy to use. Its body made with pure Titanium and Premium Hard Coating, makes it resistant to scratches and fingerprints. The HDR-TG1 is relatively clutter-free with just one record button and a zoom ring. Most of the menu options are conveniently found on the 2.7 inch LCD touch screen.

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