My Cloud


Cloud computing lets you use files and applications over the Internet. It is a system that store your files, apps, photos, calendars, contacts, documents and make it accessible everywhere.


  • MobileMe: Contacts, Calendars, Bookmarks, Preferences syncing between iMac, Makbook Air, iPad2 and iPhone 4.
  • iTunes: Purchased music, books sync betweens my devices.
  • Dropbox: Plateform to send heavy files to customers, friends or family.
  • Amazon S3 (Jungle Disk): External Backup.
  • Gmail: Electronic mail.
  • Instagram/picplz: Daily pics.
  • Fickr: Photos.
  • Vimeo: Videos.

What is your cloud strategy?

Skribit : This Is The End.

Skribit_logoLast week, I got an email from Paul Stamatiou founder of Skribit stating that on July 31st he will be pulling the plug on this site.

Skribit originally came out of the Atlanta Startup Weekend organized in November 2007. Skribit is a free, customizable, user-generated content suggestion application for blogs. It helps bloggers gain reader insight. At the same time it enables readers let bloggers know what interests them.

Skribit was based on the desire to cure writer’s block by allowing readers to offer suggestions for future postings.

This is the email Skribit sent to its users :

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Foundation: Kevin Rose's Newsletter.

Foundationlogo Digg Founder Kevin Rose launched, this month, a private Newsletter called Foundation.
Last year Kevin announced that he was leaving Diggnation, a weekly tech/web culture show based on the top digg.com social bookmarking news stories, to start his own show called “fforward”. His idea evolved into something else called Foundation (http://foundat.io/n), a private paid newsletter for the cost of $3.99/month.

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Apple Apps: In-App Purchases.

Iphone Apps Sunday was a relaxing day. Not a vacation day but a nice rainy summer day.
Since I bought my iPad, I have not taken much time to play games on it. So yesterday, I browsed the section of the iTunes store that feature game apps designed specifically for iPad. I started to look at the free apps thinking that if I liked one I would purchase the full version after trying the free one.

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Google Buzz: Why another Social Network?

Buzz Google launched Buzz last week: Buzz is an update/photo/video sharing service. Buzz is integrated in your Gmail and allows you to go beyond status messages. With Buzz you can start conversations about the things you find interesting.
Whatever that means, it seems that it is another way to share yours ideas with family/friends/strangers. You have the choice to go public or to stay private.
The force of Google is the integration of Buzz into Gmail. In no time, Google was able to take this product from zero users to millions. Buzz can be if successful, a real competitor for twitter or facebook.

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Identity Theft.

Fingerprint During the past couple of weeks, my iMac 24’ was acting strangely: applications were freezing or quitting unexpectedly. Last week, it became more serious when the finder blocked many times throughout the day. I ran Disk Utilities and got this wonderful message: This drive has a hardware problem that can't be repaired. Back up as much of the data as possible and replace the disk. See an authorized Apple dealer for more information.
Basically telling me that major problems were looming.
My iMac is less than a year old (April ’09), fortunately I got the Apple Care plan when I purchased it. So it was not a financial concern.

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The Attack Against Twitter and Facebook show their Vulnerability

Twitter vs Facebook. One of my last post was trying to explain the similitude and the differences between the two.
On thursday august 6th, the two famous Social Networks were attacked, which left Twitter down for a few hours and it slowed down Facebook. The aggression was described by Biz Stone (Twitter’s cofounder) as “massively coordinated”. (http://blog.twitter.com).

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Twitter vs Facebook.

Often some friends ask me ‘What is Twitter?’ I always try to explain what it is, but after a minute, my friend’s face makes me feel that I am not making sens.

I conclude the conversation by telling them that Twitter is a little like the Facebook’s status. You can update your Twitter account when you want to share something with your friends. The difference is that on Twitter you call your friends: followers.

Then some of my friend asks ‘What is Facebook?’. At that moment I want to stop to being friends with them or wonder if they really are friends with me. What’s the point? .....

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